Pocket and Petal Envelopes

Pocket and Petal Envelopes

Pocket & petal envelopes are a popular choice for presenting your invitation along with multiple insert cards and your response card to provide additional information such as accommodations, directions and reception information for your wedding guests.




Pocket envelopes include one main panel featuring the invitation and a pocket to hold insert cards along with the response card and response envelope. This is an ideal and attractive way of organizing your wedding invitation.

5x7 Portrait Pocket Envelope 5x7 Landscape Pocket Envelope Square Portrait Pocket Envelope

5x7 Portrait

5x7 Landscape

5.75" Square Portrait

Square Landscape Pocket Envelope #10 Pocket Envelope  

5.75" Square Landscape

#10 Pocket




Petal envelopes provide an artistic way to display a single invitation in an attractive enclosure. There are no pockets for insert cards, which may be belly banded separately and inserted in the outer envelope.

5x7 Petal Envelope 5x7 Scallop Envelope Square Petal Envelope

5x7 Petal

5x7 Scallop

5.75" Square Petal




Choose from any of our amazing paper types and an array of colors. Different or matching belly bands from any of these color options are available to go with your pocket envelopes or petal envelopes. Belly bands seal the pocket or petal and help finish off the invitation and keep all the pieces together.

Metallic Black Paper Linen Black Paper Metallic Anthracite Paper Pewter Paper

Metallic Black

Linen Black

Metallic Anthracite


Linen Blue Paper Metallic Navy Blue Paper Metallic Mint Paper Metallic Silver Paper

Linen Navy Blue

Metallic Navy Blue

Metallic Mint

Metallic Silver

Metallic Purple Paper Metallic Plumb Paper Kraft Paper Metallic Cream Paper

Metallic Purple

Metallic Plumb


Metallic Cream

Linen Brown Paper Metallic Brown Paper Metallic Antique Gold Paper Metallic Gold Leaf Paper

Linen Brown

Metallic Brown

Metallic Antique Gold

Metallic Gold Leaf

Linen Burgundy Paper Metallic Pink Paper Metallic Coral Paper Cream Felt Paper

Linen Burgundy

Metallic Pink

Metallic Coral

Cream Felt




Please note that invitation cards need to be sized appropriately to fit in a pocket/petal envelope.
As such, please place your invitation card order at the same time
as your pocket/petal order so that we can adjust sizes to ensure everything is a perfect fit.

Mailing Envelopes: Appropriately-sized mailing envelopes are included free with your invitation cards, not the pocket/petal envelopes. Hence it is important that the invitation cards need to be ordered together with the pocket/petal envelopes to ensure proper size matching. 5x7 invitation cards will be slightly shrunk to fit in 5x7 pocket/petal envelopes, which in turn fits in a standard A7 mailing envelope. Square invitation cards need to be printed 5.5" to fit into a 5.75" pocket/petal envelope, which in turn fits into a 6.0" square mailing envelope.

Assembly Required: All insert cards, mats and invitations come individually stacked and unassembled. Pocket envelopes come with the pockets constructed and all you would need to do is insert the individual cards into the pocket and glue down your invitation mat (optional) and invitation to the mat onto the main panel of the pocket/petal/gatefold envelope.

If you would like us to assemble your invitations and glue your cards and mats to your pockets
you can order invitation assembly separately.

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